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Hey again! 😊

Thank you for being curious and wanting to find out more about us!

The music you are listening to right now was homegrown by Prismala, a business, an enterprise, and a family that provides nourishing food for your ears… Okay, sorry that sounded like the start to a bad advertisement from the early 2000s.

But truthfully, we are a homegrown band. Everything you hear on this platform is the fruit of our labor and dedication to music. We write the music, record the music (with the help of some very clever sound engineers, mixers, and masterers), create all the content on the social media platforms, run our own self-made website, organize all the shows we play, and try to keep the seemingly endless list of online-platforms up-to-date – including this one here on Spotify.

And why do we do all this? Because we absolutely love it! We love creating music, writing catchy melodies, and playing live. We love giving people the opportunity to forget everything for a brief moment and be totally consumed by the music, whether that’s together at a live show, or alone at home.

Talking about live shows, and keeping things up to date, what we really wanted to say is the following: As you may have seen via our social media outlets, or not, we will be releasing our biggest, and most professional album to date on the 9th of June. It’s been a long time since we recorded our first Album ‘Colours of A Summer’ in a bedroom back in 2016 and our EP ‘Coming to Terms’ in our good friend’s living room in the summer of 2019. This time we had the full thing – a proper recording studio, sound engineers, an incredible mixer and masterer. We spent 10 days in the studio recording every single little part of the album, and these parts were written months, some of them even years, prior. It has been an incredible experience and we are so grateful to the Initiative Musik who helped us pay for everything.

We just can’t wait to share the Album with you, and, if you live in Berlin, we’ve been working extremely hard to put together the most theatrical and epic show of our lives. On the 17th of June, you can join us at the Renaissance Theatre in Berlin to hear the full album live and so much more. We will have merchandise for the first time and incredible guest musicians playing the parts we can’t play. MOREA, an incredible artist, please listen to her after this, will be supporting us. It’s going to be magical. We hope to see you there.

Before this gets too long. One last thing. We are so grateful to you for listening to our music. It gives energy every day! 

Love from Berlin,

Yours. Prismala.