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Electronic Press Kit (2023)

(Updated: 24 July 2023)


From left to right: Adama Cefalu, Leon Oranian, Freddie Brown, Niklas Gantenberg

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‘Places To Be’ music video


Prismala Miss Interpretation Artwork

It Gets Weirder (Album, 09.06.23)
Artwork: Marlene Klann

Addington Square (Single, 12.5.23)
Artwork: Marek Höpel

Detox (Single, 7.4.2023)
Artwork: Marek Höpel

Miss Interpretation (Single, 3.3.23)
Artwork: Marek Höpel

Places To Be (Single, 2022)
Artwork: Susi Ehnert

On My Knees (Single, 2021)
Artwork: Pete Ireland

Coming To Terms (EP, 2020)
Artwork: Prismala, Elsa Delabroy

Colours Of A Summer (LP, 2017)
Artwork: Prismala

Music videos

It Gets Weirder (2023)


Addington Square (2023)


Detox (2023)


Miss Interpretation (2023)


Places To Be (2022)


Band Bio


A cinematic journey through our history until today and what lies ahead for Prismala in 2023. The short film contains impressions of the sold-out show at the Badehaus Berlin (July 2022) as well as footage from Studio Wong in Kreuzberg during the album recordings in December 2022.

Director, Editor: Kaho Watanabe
Camera, Cinematographer: Omar Abogabal

Prismala is the embodiment of long-standing friendship and deep connection – to each other and to music. Having grown up in the Berlin music scene, the band combines their different musical backgrounds to create a spectrum of genres, moods and colours that blurs the boundaries between neo-soul, alternative rock and indie. While much of the discography saw the light of day during the band members’ separation due to their studies, the band reunited in their hometown of Berlin in 2022 and keep their promise of giving their passion a proper shot. With the success of the single ‘Places To Be’ and a summer full of concerts, the project grew immensely within a short time. This momentum led to a grant from Initiative Musik GmbH, with which Prismala recorded their album ‘It Gets Weirder’ in December 2022 at the legendary Kreuzberg Studio Wong – their biggest project to date.

Freddie Brown – lead guitar, piano

Born in Oxford, England and raised in Berlin, it was mostly the Beatles and Queen that first brought Freddie Brown to music and guitar playing. Further fuelled by the works of The Kooks, John Mayer and Stevie Ray Vaughn, Freddie finds his own sound – a warm, fluffy carpet of sound that drives the songs.

Adama Cefalu – lead vocals, second guitar, piano

The gentle voice of singer Adama Cefalu dances on the melodic waves of the guitar. Born in Berlin to American-Gambian parents, Adama grew up with Freddie and Niklas while listening to the music of Outkast, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson and began writing lyrics for himself at around 16. In addition to Prismala, his creative output also spans the rap collective Stockdale and his solo project Nomé. In addition to his voice, Adama uses the guitar, piano and bass to express his ideas and emotions.

Niklas Gantenberg – drums, percussion

It is the rhythm of drummer Niklas Gantenberg that carries the framework of guitar and vocals. Born in Munich and raised in Amman (Jordan) and Berlin, Niklas began building his own drums out of pot lids, cushions and cans as a toddler and learned the instrument autodidactically. Inspired by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Coldplay, he played for years together with Freddie in the Berlin indie band Kushtii, which eventually became Prismala.

Leon Oranian – bass, guitar, piano

Since 2022, it is the captivating basslines of Leon Oranian that give Prismala their soulful and danceable style. Growing up in Berlin, his musical influences as the child of a German mother and an Afro-Brazilian father are very varied. Besides being a musician, Leon is also an author and 2022 prize winner of the ‘Treffen junger Autoren’, a nationwide competition for young authors.


Yakup Kilavuz – manager & photographer

Contact details:

+49 176 36314521

Socials: @weareprismala



Prismala Live

Shows 2023

10 June 2023 – Drinks & Sounds at Gestrandet, Berlin (GER),

16 June 2023 – Sägewerkfestival, Cottbus (GER),

17 June 2023 – Official Album Release Show in the Renaissance Theater, Berlin (GER),

24 June 2023 – Special Olympics Festival, Berlin (GER)

08 July 2023 – Outer Sound, Berlin (GER)

19 August 2023 – Spätival, Berlin (GER)

03 September 2023 – ufaFabrik Boulevard, Berlin (GER)

It Gets Weirder – the album and what’s to come

Prismala is currently riding the wave of an eventful first half of the year. With the release of the album ‘It Gets Weirder’ on 09 June 2023 as an independent release, Prismala fulfilled an old youthful promise – to make a serious attempt to continue producing professional music together.

The funky and energetic first single “Miss Interpretation” in March 2023 marked the beginning of the sonic and visual universe around the album. With the second single “Detox”, Prismala made it onto the Spotify Fresh Finds GSA playlist as a cover and onto the Fresh Finds playlist as a track. The third single “Addington Square” followed in mid-May, before the 12-song album was released in June. An album that holds up a mirror to the modern world and the feeling of growing up with its cross-genre sound. Life gets crazier every day – in other words: “It Gets Weirder”.

Prismala received support for the production from the Initiative Musik. As part of the 58th Künstler:innenförderung, the committee approved the band’s application to take a big step forward on a professional level as well. The recordings took place in December 2022 at the legendary Studio Wong in Berlin Kreuzberg, with Jakob Hegner as producer and mixing engineer.

Prismala played the official release show on 17 June at the magical Renaissance Theatre Berlin in front of an almost full house (capacity 545 people). The evening marked the first rock concert of its kind in the theatre’s 120-year history. Accompanied by strings, winds, pianist Sofi Paez and dancer Sprossi, Prismala played the biggest concert in the band’s history – a complete success and a worthy celebration of the album.

Setlist of the night


Following this great success, Prismala are expecting a few more concerts in the summer. New music is already being considered, while the band is looking more than ever for a booking agency to present their unique live experience to a new and larger audience.

Press photos for download

Press articles (selection)

Landon Buford (USA), 2023

“Prismala, the rising star in the indie-pop scene, has just released their latest single, “Miss Interpretation.” The track delves into the theme of miscommunication in relationships and the challenges that arise from misunderstanding each other.”


Hypefresh Magazine (USA), 2023

“As we eagerly await the release of their new album later this year, “Miss Interpretation” is a captivating teaser that leaves us hungry for more. Prismala is a band to watch out for, and this latest release cements their position as one of the most exciting emerging acts in the alternative rock scene.”


Kao Magazine (FRA), 2020

Goethe-Institut-Frankreich (DE, FRA), 2020

Abgefreakt (DE), 2020

Interview – Campusradio Dresden (DE), 2020

Logo and release artwork available to download

Prismala Miss Interpretation Artwork


Yakup Kilavuz, Manager

+49 176 36314521